Still Life Workshop with Adam Clague

Painting from life in this 3-day workshop was a great way to learn the fundamentals of composition, value and color – Adam’s way.  

Our first “job” in setting up the workshop was to collect materials for still life “vignettes.”  Students brought boxes of items (teapots, vases and such) and organics (flowers, vegetables and fruits) and assorted cloths (napkins, table runners and so on).  Adam created four (4) vignettes from the items and set each of them up in a shadowbox.  He said there was so much to choose from that the main difficulty was in editing the arrangements.

JuliAnn Robinson said each day began with a talk about fundamentals followed by a demo to illustrate the topic.   Adam’s method of prepping the canvas to block in the shapes he was looking for opened many a students’ eyes.   Barb Miller was amazed at how, with a few brush strokes of color, a recognizable picture emerges.  

After lunch, the students were unleashed to choose a vignette and paint all or a part of it as they wished.    Adam spent time with each student and offered help and guidance.  Students found him wonderfully patient and very encouraging.  Sabrina Currin said that, thanks to the one-on-one sessions, she no longer felt apprehensive at approaching her canvas.   

Below are a few photos taken at the workshop.  Enjoy!