Artist of the Year

Founded in 1964, the Sanford Brush & Palette Club (SBPC) established the Artist of the Year award to recognize artists who have demonstrated exceptional creativity and talent.  To be considered today, the artist must be an active member for at least three (3) years; have chaired a committee or served on one; and participated in the Annual Art Show at least twice. In addition, the artist must have produced a significant body of work.

The Nominating Committee reviews the qualifications of the nominee(s) and proposes the candidate(s) to the general membership at the year end meeting in November for a final vote.  The chosen artist is honored at a private reception and his/her artwork is displayed at a local venue.

Shown below are the SBPC’s Artists of the Year from 1965 to present…

1965  Margaret Gross

1966  Myrtice Locke

1967  Elsie Jordan

1968  Pat Simpson

1969  Ellen Palmer

1970  Margaret Brafford

1971  Florence Raynal

1972  Shirley Hand

1973  Mildred Choplin

1974  Maude Ferguson

1975  John Wicker

1976  Mabel Jones

1977  Bep Martin

1978  Anna Baldwin

1979  Frank Cavadi

1980  Beryl Willet

1981  Alice Baxter

1982  Carol Whitehead

1983  Marge Carney

1984  Eloise Bizzarri

1985  Betsy Mashburn

1986  Clay McPhee

1987  Dolly Miller

1988  Beverly Bachmeier

1989  Robert Simons

1990  Will Knudsen

1991  JoAnn Markham

1992  Beverly Keith

1993  Ben McGowan

1994  Nina Bonti

1995  Jack Trout

1996  Billie Elmore

1997  Rebecca Von Canon

1998  June Trogden

1999  MaryLou Chrissman

2000  Helga Peiler

2001  Sharon Carlyle

2002  Jeannine Reese

2003  Cleo Wicker

2004  Ruth Chandler

2005  Arline Lockwood

2006  Charlotte Hohenstein

2007  Barb Gobeille

2008  Sydney Somoza

2009  Sandy Scott, WCWC

2010  Douglas Rowe

2011  Susan Beal

2012  Ann Milstead

2013  Joan Wagoner

2014  Beverly Brookshire

2015  Dorothy Hubbard

2016  Yvonne George

2017  Susan Pope

2018  Reggie Carde

2019  Ty Hooker

2021  Carolyn Chipman

2022 Carolyn Rotter

Carolyn Rotter
2022 Artist of the Year
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Carolyn Chipman
2021 Artist of the Year
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Ty Hooker
2019 Artist of the Year
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Reggie Carde
2018 Artist of the Year
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Susan Pope
2017 Artist of the Year
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Yvonne George
2016 Artist of the Year
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Dot Hubbard
2015 Artist of the Year
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Title background artwork is “Marshes 2” by Carolyn Chipman

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