Art Angels for Budding Artists

Grant Application Instructions

The Sanford Brush & Palette Club (SBPC) desires to support arts education for students in the Lee County Public School System through its Art Angels for Budding Artists (AABA) program. Grant applications are accepted year-round; however, applicants may request and receive one grant each calendar year.  Art Teachers and Sponsors are asked to notify the SBPC when a project is taking place so that board members or donors may attend. The SBPC requests that any report about a grant-sponsored activity, either in school newsletters or newspaper publications recognize our contribution.

Decisions are made by or in accordance with guidelines set by the SBPC Board of Directors.  Applicants are typically notified within 30 days.  A decision to deny a request does not imply that the applicant’s request is not needed or worthy, but simply that it does not fall within our giving guidelines, priorities, or that the funds are not available.  If a grant is approved, the recipients need to file a Final Report within 30 days of project completion or receipt of funds or materials.  Online Application and Final Report Forms are available below.  If the grant-sponsored activity cannot be fulfilled, contact us as soon as possible. 

Art Teacher Grants

These grants are awarded to Visual Arts Teachers in the Lee County Public School System for projects, field trips, and/or art supplies. The goal is to provide opportunities and/or materials to try out new ideas or enhance a portion of the curriculum that would not otherwise be possible due to lack of funds. Collaboration among teachers and schools is encouraged.

Sponsorship Grants

Grants for art instruction and/or supplies may be awarded to promising young artists (grades 6-12) who exhibit exceptional talent or aptitude.  The student requires an unrelated sponsor who is either a Visual Arts Teacher in the Lee County Public School System or an SBPC member to apply on his/her behalf.  Preference is given to those who have not previously received a grant.  


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