Online Gallery of Art

Explore our online art gallery featuring work by local artists and discover original artwork for your home or workplace.  Through our online gallery, we hope to make art accessible throughout the year.  Check back frequently to see what’s in store!

Annual Art Show

One of our most popular programs is the Annual Art Show which draws visitors to Sanford year after year.  The show will display approximately 1000 works while also providing visitors a chance to meet and greet the artists. It’s a free, family-friendly event open to the public.

Artist Workshops

The goal of this program is to provide artists an opportunity to explore a variety of mediums and materials, learn useful skills and techniques and build confidence through a variety of workshops, demonstrations and information sessions.

Artist of the Year

With this program, the SBPC seeks to honor an individual artist who has demonstrated exceptional creativity and talent.  The Artist of the Year program celebrates the artist with a solo exhibition and reception.    

Art Angels for Budding Artists

Our AABA program was established to assist Art Teachers to successfully complete classroom projects and provide opportunities to explore different forms of visual arts with their students.  This program is funded entirely through donations. 


The Sanford Brush & Palette Club awards two (2) scholarships each year to students pursuing an advanced education in the study of visual arts.  Other areas of creative expression are considered.  

Art Around Town

Showcasing artwork in local venues can have many benefits for our member artists.  Artwork displays receive more exposure with a large audience.  There is also the possibility of getting a sale and attracting the attention of the local media.   Visitors to the Central Carolina Hospital or show-goers to the Temple Theatre have an opportunity to get a glimpse of the local art scene through this program.  Pictured is Shauna Dubourdieu McNeill at the Temple Theatre during the performance of “A Christmas Carol.”

Art Studio & Classroom

Art Studios are sometimes available for rental on a limited basis, depending on scheduling and proposed activity.  Member artists may work and/or display their art.  Coming in 2023, our classroom space may be rented for small classes or meetings.  

Title background artwork is “Tides” by Yvonne George