A Message of Encouragement

Dear Art Family,

As we go through these challenging times, it’s important to remember who we are as artists. We are creative. We know how to think outside the box. We know what it’s like to work under pressure and fix problems. No green paint? We know how to mix. No toilet paper? We know how to substitute. For an artist, there’s always a solution. It’s how we think. It’s who we are.

Our creativity isn’t dependent on simple answers. In fact, the harder the problem, the more creative we become. And that’s where we find out joy, our peace, and our satisfaction.

So our current situation is not one of chaos; it’s one of opportunity. Let our biggest challenge be: What are we going to do with what we’ve been handed? What can we create that will enrich the lives of others?

Let this also be a time to rest, reorder, and realign our lives. May it also be a time of reconciliation, restoration and re-purposing. This is the time to share vision and not participate in division.

We will get through this. We will grow. We will be stronger. There’s hope. There’s always hope.

So dear Art Family – Keep creating, living, and loving. October will be here before we know it.

And if anyone needs anything, please let someone know…a tube of paint, a roll of paper towels, or an ear to listen…we can do this.



gael hogan (at the behest of Everett Cox)                                                                          Ambassador, Sanford Brush & Palette Club

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