Artwork Entry Form - Sales Gallery Entries 11-20

Welcome to the SBPC’s Annual Art Show Registration Form for Artist Members!

This form is for entries into the SALES GALLERY section of the 2022 Annual Art Show.  This page is for the first ten (10) entries and will be labeled as Entries 11-20.  Entrants will need to provide data for each art piece to include:

  • Title:  The titles of the artist’s artwork must be unique throughout all entries.  For example, a competition title and a note card title cannot have the same name.
  • Medium:  Choose the medium describes the material that is used to create the art.  Select “Other” if the medium is not listed.  If the work is made of 2 or more mediums, it is called Mixed Media.  This does not mean that the artwork must be placed in the Mixed Media category although it may be appropriate to do so.
  • Placement:  Sales Gallery artwork may be hung, placed in a bin or displayed in a case, on a stand or the floor.  If needed, consult with the Art Show Chair about placement.
  • Size (width, height, depth): Enter the size of the artwork (excluding the frame) to the nearest whole inch.  The depth measurement is only given if the artwork is particularly deep (such as a 3-D piece).
  • Registration is open through September 13, 2022.

Instructions:  Enter the number of Sales Gallery Entries to expand up to ten (10) entries.  Complete each field for each entry.  You may “Save and Resume Later” – you will be provided a link to return to your entry that will be valid for 30 days.  After you “Submit” your Competition Entries, you will see a confirmation message on the screen and receive an email notification that includes a summary of your entries.

After submission, if you need to make a change or correction, you will need to contact by September 20, 2022.

Enter the number of entries (up to 10) for this section.
Save and Resume Later

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