Art Show Registration

Art Show Prospectus

The Sanford Brush & Palette Club will hold its Annual Art Show October 1-8, 2022.  All active Artist & Art Teacher Members are invited to participate.  New members joining the club prior to September 1, 2022 are also welcome.    The Art Show Prospectus and related forms are available for members to review and download.   

Artist Registration Form

Register for Annual Art Show!  Complete this form to participate in the show.  It includes artist information, the Memo of Understanding, and payment of entry fees.  Registration is open from July 1 to September 13, 2022.

Artwork Entry Form - Competition

Enter Competition Artwork here!  You may enter up to ten (10) pieces.  You need not enter the Competition to enter artwork in the Sales Gallery, Note Cards/Journals or Holiday Art sectors.  All entries must be completed by September 13, 2022.

Artwork Entry Form - Sales Gallery

Enter art for the Sales Gallery here!  You may enter up to twenty (20) pieces of which only five (5) may be hung.  Click the first button (Gallery Entries 11-20) to enter your first ten (10) pieces.  Have more? Click the second button (Gallery Entries 21-30) to add more.  

Artwork Entry Form - Note Cards/Journals

Enter Note Cards or Journals here!  You may enter up to fifteen (15) pieces.  Note cards may single or multiple cards in a clear package.  Be sure to add your business card.  Journal covers may have a variety of designs.   

Artwork Entry Form - Holiday Art

Enter Holiday Art here!  You may enter up to 8 pieces.  These may be cards, paintings, ornaments, etc.  This special section of themed art  is related to Christmas and the Winter Holiday Season.


Volunteer Sign-up

All Artists exhibiting their work in the show should volunteer for at least 10 hours of work.  We’re using (the leading online SignUp and reminder tool) to organize our upcoming SignUps.   Choose your spots today!

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