Membership in the Sanford Brush & Palette Club (SBPC) is open to both artists and art-lovers.  Our membership dues are $45 per year for Artist Members and covers the entire membership year from January 1 to December 31.  

Members support our mission while also enjoying many benefits such as monthly meetings with chances to network with other members, discounts on select classes and workshops, exhibition and sales opportunities, website presence and more.  An Artist’s Membership includes a Membership Directory, Newsletters, Voting privileges, and the following benefits…


General Membership Meetings

SBPC are generally held the 2nd Thursday of each month January through November at the Mann Center auditorium and/or through Zoom Technology.  Our meetings provide information about club events and business concerns.  From time-to-time, artists may share their knowledge, experience, resources, etc.  Before the meeting, artists have time to network.

At the C Martin Workshop 3

Classes & Workshops

Angela Hilliard, Workshop Chairperson, has put together a set of classes and workshops in an effort o develop a curriculum with diverse classes that would appeal to as many artists as possible, both Club members and non-Club members, as well as the inexperienced to experienced levels.  Members also will enjoy discounts for select SBPC sponsored classes and workshops.

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Exhibition & Sale Opportunities

Members exhibit their work at local venues including the Temple Theatre and Central Carolina Hospital.  In addition, each member can have their own Gallery Page on our website showcasing their artwork for sale and their bio.  
Our Annual Art Show is a signature event that provides artists an opportunity to showcase their talent and creativity, fulfill volunteer obligations and meet and talk with visitors.

Karen Rushatz

Community Outreach

The SBPC is known as a supportive group of artists who also use their talents to serve our community.  Our artists may teach classes, mentor students, offer demonstrations, or donate artwork for local causes.  Through our Art Angels program, the SBPC fulfills wish lists for art teachers.  One or more scholarships may be awarded to Lee County High School seniors planning to major in visual arts or an art related college degree.

Meet Our Members

Click the symbol  to learn more about the artist! (Member's list updated January 4, 2023)

Atkins, Diana
Baggett, Charlotte
Bale, Beth
Beal, Susan
Berliner, Nancy
Berman, Barbara
Bish-Uchiyama, Charlotte
Boydstun, Jan
Brencson, Arlene
Brewer, Janice
Brookhart, Beverly
Brooks, Diane
Brookshire, Beverly
Brower, Holly
Brower, Jake
Bryant-Motley, Wendy
Buckmaster, Heath
Carde, Reggie
Carter, Amanda
Carter, Sam
Champaigne, Crystal
Chipman, Carolyn
Connolly-Manhardt, Ginny
Cox, Everett
Currin, Sabrina
Czerwinski, Laurie
Dalton, Chris
Dark, Lisa
DeNapoli, Amanda
Dubourdieu McNeill, Shauna
Dutton, Mary
Eck, Gloria
Essex, Cheryl
Eubanks, Raylyn
Fein, Patricia
Findley, Nancy
Garner, Vickie
Gaskins, Sam
Gavin, Lawrence
George, Yvonne
Geske, Wanda
Godfrey, Jane
Gulley, Doris
Heffelfinger, Louisa
Heins, Alice
Hendricks, Hannah
Hilliard, Angela
Hogan, Gael
Hogan, Vicki
Hohenstein, Charlotte
Honeycutt, Salome
Hong, Mei Kei
Hooker, Ty
Hubbard Roberts, Margaret
Ingold, Sharon
Irwin, Wilma
Johnson, Diane
KennedyJr, Henry
Killian, Kimberly
LaCorte, Diane
Leeman, Terri
LePage, Barbara
Lett, Sandra
Loving, Mary Post
Mace, Patricia
MacInnes, Jennifer
Martin, Marie
Mathis, Lisa
Maynard, Stuart
McAuley, Cindy
McDonald, Joey
McNeill, Kenny
Meyers, Michelle
Miller, Barbara
Mitchell, Betty
Mulhern, Judith
Neighbors, Brandi
Olavarria, Olivia
Osterhaus, Patricia
Pace, Mickey
Pardue, Shirley
Pearce, Joy
Perales, Tammy
Perkinson, Edna
Pier, Gina
Piestrak, Norma
Piestrak, Stan
Pope, Susan
Reese, Jeannine
Rhea, Jeanne
Roberts, Georgann
Robinson, JuliAnn
Rogers, Shirley
Rotter, Carolyn
Rowe, Doug
Rowe, Maria
Ruemaker, Len
Rushatz, Cory
Rushatz, Karen
Rushatz, Tim
Sauter, Alissa
Schrull, Elizabeth
Sloan, Ted
Somoza, Sydney
Sovereign, Yvonne
Stack, Jackie
Stepanik, Diana
Tatum, Karen
Terry, Rachel
Thompson, Cody
Thompson, Emily
Thompson, Marge
Uchiyama, Kazuo
Wagoner, Joan
Ward, Menessia
Ward, Sally
Wells, Andrew
Whitaker, Katrina
Whitmore, Liz
York, CarolynHilliardHill