Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes of the 2019 Annual Art Show

Shown at the end of the art panel project are Everett Cox, Angela Hilliard, Rachel Terry, Kenny McNeill, Reggie Carde and Gael Hogan. 

Each year, the Art Show Committee works to improve various aspects of the Annual Art Show based on feedback from members and visitors.  The old Sales Gallery panels, covered in black cloth, was a sore spot for many.  Difficult to clean and hard to hang art on, the panels were due for an update.  With a little re-engineering, new panels emerged that were mobile and easy to use.  

Our President, Everett Cox, took one home to tinker with and found the makings of two smaller panels with pegboard inserts.  And an idea was born.  Several members answered the call on an overcast morning to breakdown the panels and reconstruct them with new lumber and pegboards.  Kenny McNeill made the new legs and set up an assembly process.  Everett bought every piece of pegboard to be found at Lowe’s.  Members Reggie Carde, Rachel Terry and her husband, Brandon, Diana King, Ty Hooker, Andy Manhardt (Ginny Connolly-Manhardt’s husband) and Michael Dalton (Chris Dalton’s husband) worked in teams to disassemble the old panels and re-construct the new ones.  At the end of the first day, 12 large musty cloth panels became 24 lighter pegboard panels.

Day 2, a week later, saw many members return to help stain the panels to match.  Members Angela Hilliard, Emily Thompson and Gael Hogan joined in to help.  Finally, the redesigned panels were ready for the Art Show.  The Setup Team found the new panels sturdy and easy to maneuver and place in the Sales Gallery space.  The Hanging & Display Team found it easier to hang artwork in pleasing arrangements with more available hanging space.  The 2020 Art Show Committee will have more flexibility in determining the layout for the Sales Gallery.  

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