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Art Angels for Budding Artists

Final Grant Report

Please explain what the overall impact of your project and/or the materials you received has been on your students and others that may be directly involved. Feel free to include quotes, anecdotes, success stories, etc.
Provide photographs (with captions/explanations as appropriate) that illustrate clearly what is happening. Clear group photos are good, too. People, art projects (in process or completed), faces, etc. tell a great story. Please ensure that we have permission to publish photos of anyone who appears and the name of the person who took the pictures. Upload a minimum of 3 photos for supply grant requests and a minimum of 6 photos for project grant requests. See the Choose Files button below to upload good quality jpg files.
In what ways did you recognize the Sanford Brush & Palette Club's contribution? Upload scans of newspaper articles, website or Facebook postings; or other publications that acknowledge the club's funding using the Choose Files button below. Explain other recognition forms in the space provided.
We love hearing about your projects from the student's point of view. We can share these stories or photos to help build awareness. If available, upload scans of student artwork (with captions/names) and/or notes written to the best of the students' abilities that talk about the project or experience they enjoyed using the Choose Files button below.

Sanford Brush & Palette Club

507 N. Steele St. #8, Sanford, NC 27330

(919) 364-0588  ♦

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