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53rd Annual Art Show Awards

53rd Annual Art Show Awards


Best In Show                                  Carolyn Rotter Mid-Town Showers

1st Merit Award                            Doug Rowe Pewter Bowl, Pepper, and Bottle

2nd Merit Award                          Chris Dalton Infusion




1st Place                                                Jeanne Rhea Cosmic Kaleidoscope

2nd Place                                              Yvonne George Emerging

3rd Place                                               Jeanne Rhea The World Within

Honorable Mention                           Karen Rushatz Jelly Beans

Honorable Mention                           Amanda Carter Autumn Abstract



1st Place                                               Edna Perkinson Alice Belted Cows

2nd Place                                             Beth Bale Chicken in Snow

3rd Place                                              Carolyn Chipman Bert

Honorable Mention                           Lisa Mathis Pachamama Llama

Honorable Mention                           Shauna Dubourdieu Rose Owl



1st Place                                               Mickey Pace Cut Bowl

2nd Place                                             Deborah Motter Zig Zag

3rd Place                                              Deborah Motter Sea Mist

Honorable Mention                           Mickey Pace Vase with Face



1st Place                                               Jeannine Reese Contemplative Journey

2nd Place                                             Jeannine Reese Unity

3rd Place                                              Susan Pope Collage de Fleurs

Honorable Mention                           Karen Rushatz Me



1st Place                                                Maria Rowe Hydrangeas

2nd Place                                              Yvonne George Night Flash

3rd Place                                               Tina Rickard Scottish Garden

Honorable Mention                            Sydney Somoza Daylilies

Honorable Mention                            Diane Brooks A Whiter Shade of Pale



1st Place                                                Beth Bale Weaving

2nd Place                                              Randy Angel The Spots are Running

3rd Place                                               Judy Fisher Market Woman 3

Honorable Mention                            Carolyn Rotter Sand Between his Toes



1st Place                                                Shirley Romero Gillespie Pond

2nd Place                                              Sandy Scott Mt. Fuji

3rd Place                                               Shirley Romero Swamp 1

Honorable Mention                            Jake Brower Museum of Everyday Life

Honorable Mention                            Cindy McCauley Sunrise Meadows Stream

Honorable Mention                            Doris Gulley Alaska Reflections



1st Place                                                Sam Carter Seascape

2nd Place                                              Edna Perkinson So Cold

3rd Place                                               Jeannine Reese Falling Into Place

Honorable Mention                            Jake Brower Nathan

Honorable Mention                            Jeannine Reese Lake Lucerne



1st Place                                                Doug Rowe Stratoliner

2nd Place                                              Amanda Carter Blue Flowers

3rd Place                                               Maria Rowe Civil Twilight

Honorable Mention                            Everett Cox Boulders on Elm Street



1st Place                                                Megan Von Canon Sleeping Tiger

2nd Place                                              Megan Von Canon Noni’s Zebra

3rd Place                                               Arlene Brencsons Joy in the Morning

Honorable Mention                            Beverly Brookhart Vietnam – Dust Off

Honorable Mention                            Arlene Brencsons The Big Bang



1st Place                                                Louisa Heffelfinger Weeping Mountains

2nd Place                                              Pat Mace Wild Orchids

3rd Place                                               Pat Mace Quince Japonica

Honorable Mention                            Chris Dalton Don’t Be Koi



1st Place                                                Beth Bale Old Coop

2nd Place                                              Carolyn Rotter The Potting Shed

3rd Place                                               Edna Perkinson Spring Paint Out

Honorable Mention                            Kenny McNeill Potting Shed



1st Place                                                Chris Dalton The Face Of compassion

2nd Place                                              Jake Brower Amelia

3rd Place                                               Jake Brower De Vil

Honorable Mention                            Mary Ann Nance Our Sweet Ella

Honorable Mention                            Barbara Berman Dock Worker



1st Place                                                Carolyn Chipman Sunset on the Docks

2nd Place                                              Doris Gulley Cruise View

3rd Place                                               Alice Heins Diane’s Delight

Honorable Mention                            Louisa Heffelfinger Telaviv Beach Front Skyline

Honorable Mention                            Menessia Ward Wetland at Dusk

Honorable Mention                            Sandy Scott Coral Reef



1st Place                                                Gael Hogan Flower Holes

2nd Place                                              Carolyn York Morton Journey and Jewels

3rd Place                                              Reggie Carde Little Fish with Attitude

Honorable Mention                           Mickey Pace Stained Glass Window



1st Place                                               Carolyn Chipman Sweet Tangerines

2nd Place                                             Emily Thompson Vermillion Geraniums

3rd Place                                              Doug Rowe Blue Bottle

Honorable Mention                           Emily Thompson Pears



1st Place                                               Yvonne George Stories Untold

2nd Place                                             Carolyn Rotter In the Shadow of Giants

3rd Place                                              Doug Rowe Fentress Arrival

Honorable Mention                           Edna Perkinson Fattoria Bacio, Tuscany

Honorable Mention                           Randy Angel Sanford Pediatrics, P.A.



Beverly Brookshire Irma



Everett Cox Boulders on Elm Street



Barbara Berman Dock Worker


Cheryl Essex Totem

The Temple Theatre Gallery: Karen Rushatz

The Temple Theatre Gallery: Karen Rushatz

During the upcoming performance of “Clue: The Musical” at the Temple Theatre, the Sanford Brush and Palette Club will feature the artwork of artist Karen Rushatz.  “Clue: The Musical” will run through November 5th and Karen’s artwork will be on display in the stairway gallery leading to both entrances of the second-floor balcony.

Karen grew up in New York where she received a degree in medical technology from Dutchess Community College and a BA degree in business/marketing from SUNY New Paltz College.  In 1989, her family moved to Carolina Trace.

As a self-taught artist, Karen has nurtured her passion over the last seven years for the arts by exploring, learning and creating. Through art lessons with Lisa Mathis and other various artist workshops, she focuses on experimenting with color, texture, and composition. Drawing, watercolors, and acrylics are her favorite mediums. With the hope the viewer will be drawn in and captivated by the variety of texture, line, and color in her work, she strives for creative textured surfaces which provide tactile experiences for the viewer.

Karen has been a member of the Sanford Brush and Palette Club for seven years and has shown her artwork yearly in the club’s annual art show, winning Best in Show in 2015. Actively participating in the Club, she has taken on various leadership roles and has chaired the annual art show for two years. Karen is married to Tim Rushatz and they have three children: Chad, Cory, and Callie.

Clue: The Musical” is sponsored by Lee-Moore Capital & The Tiger Baron Foundation. Performance times are Thursdays 2:00pm, Fridays 2:00 and 7:30 pmSaturday 7:30pm and Sunday 2:00pm. Tickets may be purchased from 2-6 pm Monday through Friday at the Temple Theater box office, 120 Carthage St., by calling (919) 774-4155 or online at

Raffle – Two Chances To Win

Raffle – Two Chances To Win

At this year’s Sanford Brush & Palette Club 53rd Annual Art Show you can support our Art Angels program AND get a chance to win one of two original paintings from Sanford Brush & Palette Club members.

Win a painting from 2017 Artist of the Year Susan Pope or 2016’s Best In Show winner, Chris Dalton. Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5 and can be purchased at the show. All proceeds go to SBPC’s Art Angels program. More on the program here:

Make A Day of It – Patron of the Arts

Make A Day of It – Patron of the Arts


Live It Up Like a Patron and Make A Day of It In Sanford!

Enjoy the artwork on exhibit and the interactive demos going on at the Sanford Brush & Palette Club 53rd Annual Art Show from 10AM-6PM. Meet local artists, see 1000 pieces of new artwork by SBPC members, and find original gifts for the holidays. Drop your name in for a door prize and grab some raffle tickets for a chance to win gorgeous, original artwork!

Grab lunch or an early dinner at The Steele Pig. It’s really a treat to find a place like The Steele Pig, where food is made with care and dedication. Just point to anything on the menu – you can’t go wrong! Take a peek at their lunch specials or see what’s for dinner. Take a few moments to enjoy your meal, talk over everything you saw at the show, and feel good about supporting a local restaurant while making your tastebuds VERY happy. (Bonus: Go to The Steele Pig *after* seeing any Friday or Saturday Temple show and your ticket stubs earn you a discount on dinner!)

Laugh the evening away at The Temple Theatre’s production of Clue: The Musical. One of the absolute gems of Sanford is The Temple Theatre. Local productions, special events, music, comedians, the Temple has it all. If you remember Clue the movie or the board game, you’ll love this take on the famously funny who-done-it. Grab your tickets here:

SBPC at State of the Art

SBPC at State of the Art

Saturday’s State of the Art / Art of the State open doors welcomed hundreds of artists, all bringing their work for a chance to be part of this exhibit at the Cameron Art Museum.

Four of the five Sanford Brush & Palette Club members that participated were featured in videos and in the StarNews‘s feature (link below). Check it out and look for SBPC members Jas Villalobos, Gael Hogan, Lisa Mathis, and Karen Rushatz! Congrats to Michelle Maye for participating in this exhibit as well.

The exhibition opened on October 8, 2017 and will be open until July 8, 2018.

Check out these artist’s new work at the Sanford Brush & Palette Club’s 53rd Annual Art Show in Sanford from October 21-28!

Make A Day of It – Family Fun Day 10/21/17

Make A Day of It – Family Fun Day 10/21/17

Pack up the kids and Make A Day of It In Sanford on October 21st!

Kids can make their own art at Downtown Sanford, Inc.‘s Art in the Alley Kids! event from 10AM-2PM.

The whole family can enjoy the artwork on exhibit and the interactive demos going on at the Sanford Brush & Palette Club 53rd Annual Art Show from 10AM-6PM. Meet local artists, see 1000 pieces of new artwork by SBPC members, and find original gifts for the holidays.

Across the street from the art show, stop by for a bite and an ice cream cone at Yarborough’s Homemade Ice Cream, open from 8AM-9PM. Check out the new 3D cow mural on the side by Sanford Brush & Palette Club‘s very own Chris Dalton and Sandy Scott. This amazing showpiece is sure to be a delight for children of all ages!

A short drive to the other side of Sanford is worth the trip to get to Gross Farms Pumpkin Patch & Corn Maze, 10AM-10PM.

Hearts & Hands Quilt Show

Hearts & Hands Quilt Show

Quilters and fabric fans – make sure to mark this event on your calendars. Our fellow creative friends at Hearts and Hands ECA Quilters Guild are hosting a quilt show October 20th and 21st. Details of the event are available on their website and their Facebook page. If you’ve never been it is a visual treat! There are many vendors to meet and shop to find just what you need for your next great project.

Mural Dedication

Mural Dedication

Karen Tatum’s dedication to art and community was celebrated when the Sanford Welcome Center had their ribbon cutting and Karen’s community mural was dedicated on August 30th. A few photos from the day, courtesy of member Diana King.

SBPC Workshop with Joe DiGiulio

SBPC Workshop with Joe DiGiulio

Exploring Abstracts On Paper with Joe DiGiulio

Dive into free flowing Acrylic Abstraction in this one day workshop. Joe DiGiulio will give you key insights into the difference between painting Acrylics on paper and canvas. With a different absorption rate than canvas, you will learn to take advantage of the paper surface to create lifts, splatters, and bleeds that are just not the same on canvas. Experimentation in paint application will also be covered as well as interesting brush techniques. We will spend the morning on “Quick Speed Paintings” warm-ups on Paper and focus the afternoon on canvases.

Water and coffee will be provided (and maybe a chocolate or two). Bring your own lunch or partake lunch at some of Sanford’s finest eateries.

Saturday, September 9, 2017
9:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Lunch 12-1PM
Doors open at ArtStudio (4th Floor at 102 South Steele Street, Sanford, NC 27330) at 8:30 AM for setup.

There are two ways to participate.
Choose the one that is the best fit for you!


Join Joe as he talks and demonstrates in the morning. No supplies needed!
Take notes, ask questions, fully participate and head out at lunch
with your invaluable advice and information.
9:30 AM – 12 PM – $30


Stay for the day! All of the benefits of the morning session, but then
paint with Joe and get firsthand feedback throughout the afternoon.
Enjoy a full day of programming for half the price you would
normally pay at other locations! A supply list will be emailed to you
when you RSVP via email ( and make payment.
9:30 AM – 4:30 PM – $125


To sign up for this workshop or for any questions you may contact Carolyn Chipman and she will relay payment info to you. A supplies list will be sent with your registration confirmation. The workshop is open to SBPC members and other artists in our community. No refunds will be given unless you find someone who will take your place, then a refund will be made.