Artist of the Year 2016 // Yvonne George

Artist of the Year 2016 // Yvonne George

Sanford Brush & Palette Club’s
2016 Artist of The Year

Yvonne Munroe George

Born and raised in the Northeast, Yvonne spent her childhood drawing, making paper dolls and dreaming of being an artist. Her mother felt this was not a suitable career so she became a Registered Nurse. She met and married Ken George and raised four children: Kathy, Kenneth, Suzanne and Douglas.

In 1972, the George family moved to Miami and Yvonne enrolled in Miami Dade Community College for art classes, won a Merit Scholarship and began her “Art Career”. She took many kinds of classes including painting, sculpture, lithography, and printmaking. Then, one day she walked into the ceramic classroom and that was it — the medium she would work in for the next 30 years.

Yvonne's work always gathers a crowd of viewers and fans.
Yvonne’s work always gathers a crowd of viewers and fans.

Yvonne first began making a name for herself when the family moved to Houston. She became President of the Ceramic League of Houston and her work was shown in several galleries. She also created many one-of-a-kind sculptural pieces for a well known interior designer. Moving back to Miami and partnering with another ceramic artist, Yvonne created pieces for the “hot” Miami design trade—once having 11 pieces in a model home on the prestigious Fisher Island.

Moving to Carolina Trace to be near son, Doug, and escape the Florida hurricanes, Yvonne found so many artists here in Sanford to enjoy. Okay, so there was a tornado… but she is not moving any time soon!

One of her great joys is teaching art at Central Carolina Community College. Not only has she seen artists “blossom” into rather accomplished and award winning artists but she’s made many friends as well.

Yvonne George and Family
Yvonne George and Family

Celebrating 60 years of marriage this past March, Yvonne and Ken have seen their family grow to include nine grand-children and four great grandchildren. Yvonne says, “Life has been good! My family, friends and my art have made it all worthwhile!”

See more of Yvonne’s work in her gallery and browse photos from her Artist of the Year Reception.